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NTA is governed by a 17-member volunteer board of directors, which is advised by volunteer committees. NTA is based in North America, but its industry and its membership spans the globe.

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NTA Leadership Directory

Board of Directors

NTA is led by a board of directors who are responsible for making important policy and operational decisions for the association.

Management Team

NTA is managed by a team of association professionals based in Lexington, Kentucky.

NTA Advocacy Team

NTA’s government affairs initiatives are led by a team based in Washington, D.C., and Lexington, Kentucky.
NTA Committees

Leadership Team

The board is assisted by a 80+ member team of volunteer leaders who advise them on a variety of association and industry issues.

Canadian Task Force 

Purpose: To advise on networking, programming, education, technology and business opportunities that will be of specific interest to Canadian members and assist with recruiting more members from Canada.

Contact Subcommittee

Purpose: To advise staff on development of the China Market Forum, which will be held in conjunction with Contact 2013.

Faith Tourism Advisory Council

Purpose: To provide industry perspective and guide the association in developing plans to serve this marketplace by:

  1. Increasing awareness and accessibility of faith-based tourism.

  2. Working with staff to develop and create interest and awareness in a networking framework throughout the faith-based tourism marketplace.

  3. Identifying business-to-business relationships and opportunities.

  4. Providing leadership, guidance and education for the faith tourism industry.

Global Issues Advisory Task Force

Purpose: To advise the association on global issues impacting travel and tourism worldwide, e.g. sustainable tourism development, economic conditions, etc., demonstrating NTA's global tourism leadership.

Governance Committee

Purpose: To oversee the Board's Policy Governance process and performance. 

  1. Oversee the transition to Policy Governance, by assisting staff to review and modify current procedures.

  2. Monitor the Board's performance during meetings.

  3. Oversee the process of annual Policy Review.

  4. The Secretary/Treasurer shall chair the Governance Committee.

Government Relations Committee

Purpose: To help generate member awareness of the importance of NTA's advocacy efforts and assisting with fund-raising initiatives for the Government Issues Fund and TourPAC. These funds support the policy and advocacy work of NTA's public affairs advocate and are critical to achieving NTA's objectives.

International Advisory Group

Purpose: To advise on business opportunities, networking, and programming that will be of specific interest to international members and enhance their ROI. 

Nominating Committee

Purpose: To select board and elected officer nominees and oversee the election process.

  1. Recruits candidates and promotes board services throughout the year and at NTA events.

  2. Establishes the election timeline annually.

  3. Interviews candidates and selects the most qualified candidate per available seat (i.e. nominates a slate of candidates).

NTA-ASTA Hispanic Business Development Task Force 

Purpose: To provide industry perspective and guidance in creating tools and business opportunities for members of both organizations, while raising awareness among the U.S. Hispanic trade to drive membership to both NTA and ASTA.

  1. Develop education on the significant Hispanic travel market

  2. Assist with agenda, invitations and identifying participants for Hispanics in Travel Caucus events at NTA and ASTA conventions.

  3. Identify Hispanic professionals and businesses to target for NTA and ASTA activities.

NTA-UMA Travel Exchange Task Force 

Purpose: To advise the boards and staff of NTA and UMA on combined activities that will mutually serve both organizations according to the guiding principles of the co-location agreement.  The NTA-UMA Travel Exchange Task Force will include members from NTA, members from UMA and a chair who belongs to both organizations.

  1. Assess the first Travel Exchange - what worked/ what didn't - and recommend any appropriate changes or enhancements. 

Retail & Restaurants Council 

Purpose: To create synergy among NTA's retailer and restaurant members, assess tour operator needs related to shopping and dining, and help NTA recruit more members in this category. 

Small Business Advisory Task Force 

Purpose: To provide business perspective and identify needs of small business tour operators in the tourism industry to help NTA develop programs and services to meet their needs, attracting new small business members as a result. 

Young Professionals Advisory Group 

Purpose: To advise on networking, programming, education, technology and business opportunities that will be of specific interest to young professionals/millennials. 

Past Presidents/Chairmen

The Past Presidents/Chairmen advise the current and incoming chairpersons of NTA.


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