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NTA is governed by a 17-member volunteer board of directors, which is advised by volunteer committees. NTA is based in North America, but its industry and its membership spans the globe.

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NTA Leadership Directory

Board of Directors

NTA is led by a board of directors who are responsible for making important policy and operational decisions for the association.

Management Team

NTA is managed by a team of association professionals based in Lexington, Kentucky.
NTA Advisory Groups and Committees

Leadership Team

The board is assisted by a 80+ member team of volunteer leaders who advise them on a variety of association and industry issues.

Member Solutions Advisory Group

Purpose: To help NTA staff better understand the needs of its current and prospective membership. Members of this group will provide information from their perspective and identify member needs to help NTA develop programs, business tools, solutions and services.

Education Advisory Group

Purpose: To advise NTA staff on development of a standing core curriculum for professional development, as well as an annual curriculum based on current trends and educational needs. This group will also advise NTA on the revision of the Certified Tour Professional program.

Advocacy Advisory Group

Purpose: To advise staff on the development of and participation in NTA's advocacy events (Destination Capitol Hill and annual event-related fund raising). This group also will advise staff on understanding member needs related to advocacy (both in the U.S and Canada), assist in effectively communicating the value of advocacy, and provide member perspective on legislative issues impacting travel.

Young Professionals Advisory Group

Purpose: To advise on networking, benefits, education, and business opportunities that will be of specific interest to young professionals, e.g. millennials and Gen Xers.

Faith Travel Advisory Group


Purpose: Provide support and guidance to staff on benefits, programs and services for the faith-based travel market segment.

Hispanic Market Advisory Group

Purpose: To advise staff on the unique needs of the U.S. Hispanic travel professional and assist with the development of special programming including networking, education, research and business opportunities. Members of this advisory group serve as travel industry ambassadors for NTA's efforts and activities for this market.

Governance Committee

Purpose: To oversee the NTA Board's policy governance transition, process and performance. The Governance Committee develops and delivers education and orientation as it relates to the governance structure and shall conduct a thorough review of the NTA bylaws and move forward recommendations for amendments to align NTA's policy governance work with the bylaws.

Nominating Committee

Purpose: To select board and elected officer nominees and oversee the election process. The committee recruits candidates and promotes board services throughout the year and at NTA events, establishes the election timeline annually, and interviews candidates and selects the most qualified candidate per available seat (i.e. nominates a slate of candidates).(Members of the Nominating Committee are determined each year per the structure outlined in the NTA Election Policies and Procedures.)

Alliances Team

Purpose: This cross-functional vetting team (comprising volunteer leaders and staff) will create a clear criteria for selection of prospective partners ensuring that future alliances are supportive of NTA's updated strategic requirements and long-term business goals. The Alliances Team will use this criteria to conduct a thorough evaluation of the prospective partner before any commitments are made.

Past Presidents and Chairmen Council

Purpose: This council is comprised of members that have served as the elected chairman or president of the board of directors. As past leaders of the association, this group will be called on by the NTA Board to use their knowledge of the association and their wide‐ranging experience in the travel industry to offer advice on matters put forth by the board.


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