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What is NTA?

NTA is the leading association for professionals serving travelers to, from and within North America. Since its founding in 1951, the association has served a broad and diverse membership and helped them expand market reach with innovative business tools, strategic relationships and collaboration within the industry.

Who Are NTA Members? 

Our buyer members are tour operators and tour packagers who buy and package travel product from around the world.

Our seller members are destination marketing organizations and tour suppliers (such as hotels, attractions, receptive operators and transportation companies).

Six Things You May Not Know About NTA

1. 700 tour operators, 1,100 tour suppliers and 500 destinations from around the world have all chosen NTA as their avenue for expanding their businesses.

2. NTA members represent more travel product and have access to more business-to-business networking than in any other association in the industry. That includes product in every U.S. state, every Canadian province and more than 40 countries.

3. 79 percent of NTA tour operators package travel within North America. 40 percent package travel into North America from abroad. 50 percent package travel outbound from North America to countries around the world.

4. NTA tour operators move more than 13.6 million travelers a year.

5. NTA tour operators generated $8.8 billion in travel sales last year.

6. Our 700+ buyer members are tour operators who package travel domestically and around the world as well as travel agents who sell these tours.

For more information on NTA, please contact:

June web
June Calk
Central & Western Regions (U.S. & Canada) for tour suppliers, DMOs & associates
 TJ - Web T.J. Olmsted
Eastern Region (U.S. & Canada) for tour suppliers, DMOs & associates
 Kevin - web Kevin Wright
Central & Western Regions (U.S. & Canada), Mexico for tour operators, travel planners & all other member sales outside North America
 Maravich, Morgan Morgan Maravich
Eastern Region (U.S. & Canada) for tour operators & travel planners


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